Terms and Conditions for Creator

Membership Agreement

Welcome to the World’s best stock image sharing website!

Here’s a few things that you need to understand before you decide to use this website to upload your images, illustrations, vectors and video clips. 

Firstly, all the content is under the umbrella of OodlesThemes, which means the right of access and use of the website is provided by us. Once the Designer accepts all the conditions of this agreement, you will receive access to the content. However, if you don’t agree to the terms and conditions stipulated by us, you will not gain entry to the website. This contract therefore is binding, valid and dominant. 

Just like any other website of its kind, OodlesThemes reserves the right to edit, correct, add, or make any other significant changes to this agreement at any time. Furthermore, such changes will be considered valid and final as soon as they are published. You, as the existing user, will automatically consent to such changes. If you are not able to comply with some changes, we advise you to go no further with using the website and notify us. 

Working with Oodles Files

OodlesThemes is an image bank – a resource which stores files that include vector illustrations, background designs, photos and more. All these files fall under the copyright and trademark of OodlesThemes and relevant third parties. 

Accessing Files

Users are therefore not given any rights to sell, publish, modify or redo any of the files, unless they have clearly been given permission to do so by agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Member’s agreement and the licensing agreement. 

Once an image is paid for, the user may download the same file for a period of one year, multiple times.

Password Control

As a responsible member or user of this site, your username and password are confidential information that is chosen by you. Therefore when you access files on OodlesThemes, you confirm that information as identification. This information has to be kept confidential for only the user’s login requirements. You will not pass on this personal data to a third party without the written consent of the management at OodlesThemes. As a user you agree and accept that your login details present clear proof that you gained access to the images on this website. OodlesThemes does not accept any responsibility with respect to the loss of login details. 

Site Conduct

  • Any user of this website accepts that the files showcased on this site will not be used for unlawful or prohibited purposes otherwise. Please refrain from the following behaviours while using the site:
  • Uploading or distributing files of prohibitive nature that are unlawful, indecent, or crude to human nature in any way;
  • Resending, uploading or distributing in any way software files or any sort of file that is subject to be under the intellectual property, copyright or trademark of OodlesThemes. 
  • Threatening or trying to harm or violate data protection rights of other users or third parties on the website.
  • Uploading, distributing or sending harmful files like viruses, ransomware, malware or anything of this nature that would have a detrimental impact to the website and disruptive to its workings. 
  • Deleting, altering or concealing owner attributes, labels, watermarks, or legal information with respect to any files uploaded or downloaded. 
  • Abusing, threatening or violating the data protection rights or third parties or other members uploading files on the website. 
  • Falsifying any data or duplicating data for another file upload from an original source on the website. 
  • Advertising or selling products of any kind without the proper licensing and registration or permissions to do so by OodlesThemes.

Furthermore, any user of the site content that includes Blogs, agrees in the terms and conditions that such content is open and public with only checks by the management for legal issues or for derogatory content. Any communication between users or visitors will be scrutinised in such manner. Any files or information placed on the website will be analysed and approved by the Management Team. OodlesThemes therefore reserves the right to remove any offensive content or files that do not match to the standard terms and conditions without the need for any sort of notification. Users of this website will not engage in activities that could result in damage, or operational interference for others. 

OodlesThemes does not have total control of the uploads and data exchange on this website and therefore cannot be held responsible for some communications and uploads. The management has the right to remove, edit or republish any content that may seem offensive or be seen to violate the terms of membership agreements or IP rights. That being stated, the management will make such necessary corrections following strict procedures within a timeframe of its own and is not obligated to do so. Any IP rights infringement claims by users must be corroborated with evidence. OodlesThemes has the right to suspend or terminate membership of certain users in the case of absence of activity or for unlawful activities that may cause harm to the website and the other users. 


OodlesThemes features content from third party users who use the website as their platform to showcase their content. The site management does not claim responsibility for actions of such third parties and cannot guarantee continuous continuous supervision of said content. Those who use the website for its content or forum for information exchange will do so at their own risk.

OodlesThemes hereby expressly denies any and all representations, warranties, guarantees and conditions of any kind, whether express or implied, to each and any site content and service made available at any time, including, but not limited to implied representations, warranties or conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, authenticity, appropriateness, entirety, compatibility, integration, security, privacy, title, usefulness, suitability, quality, simple usage and any other warranty that might arise under any applicable law. 

The management and employees of OodlesThemes are not responsible for discrepancies, technical failures or errors of any kind that results in loss of information, financial loss or profit loss arising out of the user agreement.

The website will not host content of users aged below 16 years. Those minors who wish to use the website will need parental consent and will not be liable to disclose any personal information without parental consent.